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What's New at HDAP
December 28th, 2017 - As we end the year and reflect, as many of us do, we look back at a year that brough highs and lows. In 2017 we lost too many clients to scourge of opiate addiction (and addiction in general) with deadly fentanyl (a synthetic opiate 30-50x stronger than heroin on average, and 20x cheaper to produce in bulk than heroin) becoming much more pronounced. We can easily and sadly say that these past recent years have been horrific in terms of losing people to overdoses. We will continue to work with our community in helping anyone who needs/wants help, regardless of their ability to pay (thanks to State, County and private funding efforts).

We, however, now look forward to the year ahead with hope and cautious optimism! We will be bringing many new changes to HDAP in 2018, including 2 new board members (we are very excited about), a new full time staff member, and ... (gasp) ... a new website design (stay tuned). So with our eyes ever forward and hopeful, here is a brief look back at some HDAP events in 2017 (and please have a happy and safe New Year).

HDAP's 2017 Year in Review!:
  • December - We sadly said goodbye to a long-time staff member Monica Frank who is an awesome clinician, and we wish her the best of luck in her new Clinical Director Position!
  • November - We repainted the entire place and even had some new flooring put in to spruce us up!
  • November - Support HDAP by purchasing from Amazon through our charity portal on Amazon Smiles by clicking here!
  • September - HDAP proudly co-sponsored a 5K run on 09/23/17 called the Dan the Man 5k Run for Recovery which was a smashing success and we hope to continue with this worthy cause!
  • July - We welcomed our newest full-time staff member Elizabeth Connolly!
  • May - Our 22nd Annual Golf Classic raised over $4,000!
  • April - We held our 12th Annual Client Graduation honoring our graduating clients and recognizing the tremendous work and advocacy of Frank Greenagel to our community, and throughout NJ and the US!
  • Febrary - We gave the Hunterdon County Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center their own website!

HDAP Mission Statement
Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program will provide the community, our at risk student population, our clients and their families, science based substance abuse treatment and prevention programming that creates a positive outcome in their lives. These services will be provided without regard to the client’s sex, race, creed, age, religion, gender orientation, sexual orientation, or ability to pay for services.

A Brief Overview of our Services
Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Confidential, individual, group and family treatment services for those in need of drug/alcohol outpatient counseling. We also provide 9 hours per week of Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP), utilizing group and individual counseling to those who need a more intensive level of care than standard outpatient counseling provides. We also provide substance abuse evaluations.

Early Intervention programming for youth at high risk of drug/alcohol abuse or misuse.

Providing a variety of prevention/education programs designed to meet the specific needs of employers, schools, individuals and families.

Serving as the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) for Hunterdon County.

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