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1st Flight Team Winners:
Ken Harding,
Bill Palleria, Mike Ruth
and Carl Nosenzo
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2nd Flight Team Winners:
Barry Scheier,
Brett Morrow, Mark Daley
and Brian McCartney
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3rd Flight Team Winners:
Marion Dabrowski,
Lou Livoti, George Bowden
and Richard Quince
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Corporate Sponsor
Minalex Corporation with
the Casey Foursome!
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Some handsome,
synchronized teeing off
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DeVito Foursome
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Brett Scheier Foursome
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Carr Foursome
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Griffin Foursome
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HDAP Executive Director
Glenn Duncan and
his handsome Foursome
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Carole Weber with
the women's longest drive
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Walt Fadina with
the men's longest drive
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George Bowden wins
the pot of gold
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Dino Rossi with
the closest to the
pin on the 7th hole
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2017 22nd Annual Golf Classic

Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program's (HDAP) 22nd Annual Golf Classic "Drive To Be Drug Free" took place at the Heron Glen Golf Course on May 15th. The weather was sunny, very windy and seasonably warm for May. There were a total of 43 golfers which was similar in size to last year's event. Given the economy and the fact that some local organizations have cancelled their golf events, we are extremely pleased that we are able to continue, and increase the size of this fundraiser. We are thankful too for the continued fundraising assistance our golfing supporters provide us. As always, this event raises money that goes to supporting treatment services for those clients who otherwise could not afford receiving alcohol and/or other substance abuse treatment. This fundraiser helps enable people to enter into recovery, and start becoming an active community member again, either re-entering the workplace or stabilizing a rocky work sitution; family reunification, or bring the family closer again; among a slew of other benefits that occur when a client enters treatment and begins the recovery process.

We had some very competative golfing, the luncheon and dinner food was great, and again there were great prizes. Prizes included golf foursomes, restaurant gift certificates, golf bags, the ever popular 2 wills, and much more. We want to take this time to thank all of our merchants who donated so many great prizes!

As always, The Board of Directors and Staff at HDAP would like to thank our golfers, corporate and personal sponsors, community members and HDAP staff who made donations. It is with your support that we can continue the high quality drug and alcohol counseling and prevention programs to those Hunterdon County residents who could not otherwise afford to receive these services. During these tough economic times it is easy to pass on fundraising requests, and we are grateful for the continued generosity shown by our supporters and by the community.

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Flight and Prize Winners
Using a team scramble format, we had three flights of winners. The first flight team scored 66. The second flight team scored 69, and the third flight team scored 76. Prizes were awarded as follows:

  • First Flight - Ken Harding, Bill Palleria, Carl Nosenzo and Mike Ruth (Stanton Ridge Country Club Foursome)
  • Second Flight - Barry Schier, Brian McCartney, Mark Daley and Brett Morrow (Oak Hill Golf Club Foursome)
  • Third Flight - Marion Dabrowski, Lou Livoti, George Bowden and Richard Quince (Copper Hill Country Club Foursome)
  • Most Honest Golfers - Fredetta McCormick, Patricia McKiernan and Michael McDonough (1 dozen golf balls)
  • Closest to the Pin Hole 7 - Dino Rossi ($50 Heron Glen Golf Club Gift Certificate)
  • Closest to the Pin Hole 17 - B.J. Apgar ($50 Heron Glen Golf Club Gift Certificate)
  • Longest Drive Male - Walt Fadina ($50 Heron Glen Golf Club Gift Certificate)
  • Longest Drive Female - Carole Weber ($50 Heron Glen Golf Club Gift Certificate)
  • Pot of Gold - Hole 12 - George Bowden ($105)
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Most Honest Golfers
This special spotlight was awarded to the golfers that included: Fredetta McCormick, Patricia McKiernan and Michael McDonough. This threesome respectfully declined to pose for the camera but we appreciate their continued support of HDAP! For this prestigious award they received one dozen golf balls!
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Committee and Staff Volunteers
The Board and Staff at Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program would like to thank the Golf Classic Committee Members who worked very hard to make this event happen. They are:
  • Glenn Duncan
  • Kenneth K. Harding (Chair)
  • Jill Piperata (Event Organizer)
  • Paul J. Santella
  • Barry Scheier
  • Michael Schuler
We would also like to recognize the Staff, Board and Volunteers present at the day of the event that made this golf event run smooth. They are:
  • Mary Hanley - Volunteer Camera Person
  • Christopher Lombardi
  • Cindi McCormack
  • Patty McDonnell
  • Jass Pelland
  • Jill Piperata
Since this golf outing's purpose is to raise funds to help client's who otherwise could not afford treatment, we would like to take this time to recognize our client graduates who continue their strong recovery efforts and are beginning the process of giving back to the community. Previous golf fundraiser's have been used to help fund treatment for clients who went on to graduate from treatment in 2016/2017, thus it is a great reminder as to why we hold this golf classic each year.

Our client graduates continue to overcome their addiction, and in the process get back into the workplace, rejoin with their family, and again become more productive members of our community. This fundraiser helps ensure this access occurs for people regardless of their ability to pay. We again would like to thank all those who helped in this fundraising effort for HDAP!
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