Mary Hanley, MA

Prevention Director
Mary Hanley has been working in the counseling field since 1995, and has worked in a variety of residential and outpatient settings. The majority of her professional experience has been working with teenagers, and says she has a white hair for every student she's worked with. She currently heads up our prevention programs here at HDAP and has done a tremendous job working in the Hunterdon County community. After working so many years with teens who are in the abuse or dependence stage of the addiction cycle, it is very rewarding for Mary to work with teens in the at risk stage. It is very rewarding for Mary to help teens in the at risk stage hoping to help them avoid the tragedies that occur during the addiction cycle.
Mary's primary mode of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral and Behavioral approaches, and Mary also relies heavily on Art in therapy. Mary believes that change occurs from within and she believes that her role is to have someone to believe in order to help that change process.
Mary enjoys working for Glenn Duncan, she's done it for 11 years and knows nothing else. Glenn and Mary have worked together since 1995, and when Glenn joined HDAP he immediately asked Mary to fill the Prevention Director position. She has done an incredible job doing so.
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