Jill Piperata

Executive Assistant
Jill has been with HDAP since 2002, having previously worked in the corporate world. She works very diligently to keep HDAP organized and in compliance. Her main function at HDAP is making sure Glenn Duncan looks like he actually knows what he is doing and appear organized. This is not an easy task and requires constant due dilligence, but she continues to stick with it, so something must be going right. It is a privilege to be part of an awesome team of individuals that is dedicated to helping those in need find their way through the dark world of addictions because TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
When she is not at work Jill enjoys spending time with her son Peter, gardening, fishing, reading and just enjoying the simple pleasures that life offers. Currently she volunteers for the Italian American Cultural Club of Lehigh Valley and the Easton Farmer's Market. Jill feels these volunteer efforts help to enrich her life and cause her to work on Sunday's. :)

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